About Us

We specialise in silken-bag organic Chinese tea. Enjoy convenience without compromising on quality!

Our Teas

Organic Long Jing:  A premium green tea, Long Jing produces a bright golden hue. It has a mellow, sweet-savoury character and notes of roasted chestnuts and orchids. Grown in the wild on the slopes of Chun’an Country, Zhejiang.

Organic Ripe Pu-Er: Rich, full-bodied, dark brew with woodsy, fermented aroma. Hint of red dates and smooth like wine. Cultivated on Meng Song Mountain, Yunnan.

Envie Fruit Tea: Our in-house blend of organic black and green tea, fruits, and lily blossoms. Beautiful lychee-berry and floral notes with a hint of natural sweetness.

Nature’s Best

Our Long Jing and Pu-Er are Single Origin strains hailing from China. They are grown, harvested, and processed in the most exacting conditions to ensure that you get the very best quality. 100% USDA Organic Certified.