How are your teas processed and packed?

Leaves from the tea plant are harvested, dried and fried at our tea gardens. The dried leaves are sent to our packaging factory where they will be packed into our zip lock bag and then placed into our box packaging. Our tea gardens and factories adhere to the highest hygiene and quality control standards.

How are your teas different and better from other brands in the market

LEVANA will never claim that our teas are superior than other brands. What we can confidently tell you is that our teas are premium grade, authentic, organic and safe. LEVANA teas are harvested from family run tea gardens in China, processed through strict quality control and hygiene standards then exported overseas with strict quality measures to ensure tip-top freshness.

What are the criteria for selecting the tea gardens that you choose to work with

  • Family run
  • Non-commercialized big setup
  • Hygienic
  • Pesticide free
  • Operating for at least 10 years
  • Legally registered business entity

Do you use Artificial Flavouring in your Teas?

No. We use only natural ingredients – Whole tea leaves and real dried fruits

How many cups of tea should I drink a day? Is there too much caffeine?

We advise our clients to drink at least 800ml of tea every day.

The amount of caffeine is 3 times more if you consume a cup of coffee versus drinking a cup of LEVANA Tea. You do not have to worry about getting a caffeine overdose. However, if you are allergic to caffeine or if you are caffeine sensitive, please drink only the LEVANA Royal Golden Chrysanthemum Tea as it is free from caffeine.

Are pure teas healthier than blended teas?

Organic, hygienic and authentic teas are the healthiest regardless whether they are mixed with dried fruits, flowers or teas.

How long can I keep the teas fresh for from the time of opening?

If you store it in an airtight environment, the tea leaves will remain fresh for the next 4 to 6 months.

What is the best way/method to keep the teas fresh?

For the LEVANA Dragon Well Green Tea, you are advised to store it in the refrigerator to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. For the Pu Er and Chrysanthemum tea, just make sure you store it in an airtight tin container under room temperature away from sunlight to prevent oxidation.

What is the shelf life?

It is best to consume all kinds of teas before 2 years otherwise the tea might lose its flavour

What grade is your tea?

All our teas are premium grade and above.

What is the difference between low-grade tea and premium grade tea?

Low-Grade Tea Premium Grade Tea
Lousy soil quality Good soil quality
Broken and blended tea leaves Tea leaves not broken and blended
Artificial ingredients added No artificial ingredients added
Mass produced in subpar environment Grown in pollution free high-altitude areas
Cheap to harvest and process Expensive to harvest and process

Have you consumed the tea yourself? Have you experienced the benefits claimed?

Yes. We drink Levana tea on a daily basis and I feel good not because the tea is giving me a feel-good effect but it is the overall well regime that I follow which gives me the confidence and joy that I am doing something healthy for my body.

All teas were researched and proven to benefit a person’s health but it has to be consumed over a long-term period for the effect to be felt. This is value. Low cost spent in the prevention of something that could possibly take away your life.

What is the vision and beliefs of LEVANA?

The LEVANA Group is a health and family-focused establishment. We aim to influence people to lead a healthy lifestyle without the use of expensive supplements and unnecessary medication. We believe that health can be found in nature and nature can be used to benefit our health at a very reasonable price.

One of the ways we can be healthy is to adopt a Tea Drinking lifestyle.Tea can provide many miraculously health values. LEVANA’s vision is to help people to reduce the risk of health problems by drinking tea, leading a balanced lifestyle and eventually becoming healthy and wealthy individuals