The Brewing Pot
When dealing with fine premium Chinese tea, it has to be infused properly to bring out the maximum flavour. You can choose the following:

  1. A small ceramic pot
  2. A small lidded porcelain cup
  3. A small glass cup

The main thing here is that the brewing equipment must be small and there must be a lid. This is so that the fragrance produced by the leaves can be contained within that small space forcing it to be infused with the water creating the best taste and doing justice to the tea leaves.

The Water
Yes. The type of water you use to brew your tea does make a huge difference to the outcome of the brew. If you use tap water mixed with chlorine your tea will lose its original taste. Water with high mineral content will bring out the richness of the tea. Consider using bottled mineral water or even better, if you have direct access to an unpolluted spring, by all means, please enjoy your tea at the highest level.

The Infusion Process
Depending on each individual, if you like it strong, fill 50% of the pot with tea leaves. If you like it light, fill 30% of the pot with tea leaves.

Boil the water and let it cool to around 95 degrees celsius and pour it into the pot till it is 75% full. Immediately discard the first pour. This is to remove dust particles and dirt present on the leaves.

Refill the pot with the 95 degrees celsius water again and this time let it sit for around 2 to 3 minutes depending on the type of tea.

When the time is right, serve gracefully and carefully.