LEVANA Tea is a purveyor of the finest organic full tea leaves. We have searched far and wide to bring to you our range of high quality organic full tea leaves. Enjoy tea in its most natural form – free from man-made chemicals and pesticides.


What sets Levana Tea apart from other tea brands is our commitment to our Full Leaves Tea Concept Every cup off tea you brew with Levana Tea Leaves is guaranteed to consist of only whole unbroken tea leaves that are packed with antioxidants and flavour.


Unknown to many, finely broken tea leaves which are commonly used by other tea manufacturers rob tea drinkers of the many health benefits that tea leaves offer. Tea manufacturers that mass-produce teas often blend broken tea leaves into dust like form before packing them into individual flat paper tea bags.


When tea leaves are blended into dust like form, the surface area exposed to air increases and as a result, broken tea leaves:


1. Are dull and stale when brewed having lost most of their essential oils and aroma early on.When steeped in hot water, they release more tannins than whole leaf tea resulting in a bitter astringent brew. In order to mask the bitter flavours of their inferior quality tea, these mass-produced tea manufacturers tend to add artificial flavouring to make their teas taste better.


2. Do little for your health because their antioxidant properties are lost to enlarged surface-to-air exposure