Levana closely monitors every step of the Tea production process to ensure Quality, Taste, Aroma, Safety, Health, and Hygiene.


Quality is our pride. From the harvest right up to the packing and delivery of our teas to you, each step is meticulously monitored. We choose only small family run tea gardens that grow their teas organically free from the use of harmful pesticides. These Tea gardens are run by highly skilled tea farmers that have been in the trade for decades and are known for producing teas of the highest quality, pampering tea drinkers with their superior taste and aroma. Tea leaves are plucked by hand so the leaves will not be chopped or broken in order to preserve the natural sweetness. Having access to the tea gardens gives us greater control over the production of the tea, always ensuring consistent high quality and hygiene.


The processing stage is the process where freshly plucked tea leaves are transformed into its dried form. Farmers are required to disinfect their hands when handling the leaves, and to keep the area clean when the leaves are left to wither, oxidize, fix and dry.


After the processing stage, the teas are brought to our central packing factory in Guangdong where our personnel in Quality Control will pick out any compromised tea leaves before packing the tea leaves into the craft ziplock bag. The sorting and packing are done in a sanitised cold room where the personnel are dressed in lab wear to prevent any external contaminants from entering the room. After quality checks and packing have been completed, the craft ziplock bags that are now filled with simply the best teas in the world will be carefully placed in the luxurious LEVANA drawer gift box to protect the tea leaves from getting damaged during shipping.