LEVANA Silken Pyramid Tea Bag



In today’s fast-paced world, eating and drinking healthy may seem challenging, especially for time pressed individuals who have to juggle work and family commitments. Understanding that not everyone has the luxury of time to brew a cup of tea with loose tea leaves, which typically requires additional steps such as measuring the right amount of tea leaves and placing them in a strainer, before infusing them in a teapot. Levana Tea has made it easier and more convenient for consumers to enjoy good quality tea with the inception of their Silken Pyramid tea bags containing the brand’s single origin, organic full tea leaves.


At Levana Tea, every step of the tea brewing process has been carefully looked into by the team—they understand that tea leaves need ample room to expand in order for its full flavours and aromas to come through during the brewing process, hence the creation of a tea bag that is roomy, allowing the tea leaves to infuse more effectively. The open weave also maximises the flow of water for a tastier brew.


Most tea manufacturers today continue to use traditional flat tea bags or small pyramid tea bags made of either cotton muslin or filter paper, which restrict tea leaves from releasing its full flavour and aroma due to the lack of space.