LEVANA Group Pte. Ltd. Terms of Service

1.0 The Company

We are LEVANA Group Pte. Ltd (henceforth “LEVANA” or “the company”). The company is registered in Singapore under a private limited set up with the registration number “201716114R”. LEVANA Group is the holding company for both LEVANA Singapore and LEVANA China. LEVANA China is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with the business registration number “440301117983301” under the name of 深圳乐王康茶有限公司.

2.0 Eligibility for Online Purchase

To place an order online with LEVANA, you must be over 18 years old. If you are under 18 and would like to make a purchase, please involve a parent or guardian in the purchase process.

3.0 Prohibitions

You shall not misuse all LEVANA related websites. You shall not commit or encourage criminal offence(s) to be committed via our websites. You shall not break the law in any ways. LEVANA will not hesitate to make a police report and take the appropriate legal action against you should any of the above is being breached.

4.0 Privacy

All information obtained from our customers are handled with care and they are kept strictly private and confidential. We do not profit from the selling of our customers’ information and will never engage in such activities. Information will never be handed to a 3rd party unless it is a law enforcement agency with legal documents produced stating that they were given the authority to obtain customers’ private information from LEVANA.

5.0 Terms of Sale

5.1 Registration

All orders must be placed using a registered account on the www.LEVANAtea.com website. You must provide truthful, updated and accurate information to us during the registration phase otherwise your account will be blocked and any monetary losses will not be honored. Customers are not allowed to create multiple accounts.

5.1.1 Password

All users of LEVANA’s web services are responsible to keep their password safe and secure. Users are not allowed to share passwords with another person. No LEVANA staff will ever ask for your password. If you lost your password, please click on the “Forget Password” link and follow the instructions to reset your password. In the event if you think that your account has been compromised, please contact LEVANA right away so that we could suspend your account and then reset it shortly after verifying your identity.

5.2 Formation of Contract

All information found in the Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and on all LEVANA Websites do not constitute to an offer for sale but rather an invitation to treat. A contract only exists only when we have shipped the product(s) purchased to your designated delivery address.

5.3 Making a Purchase

You are to follow the instructions given on how to make a purchase. Once an order has been successfully submitted and received by LEVANA, you will receive a confirmation email. An acceptance of offer can only occur when your order is being shipped to your designated delivery address. If your order consists of more than 1 product, the products may be delivered separately to your designated delivery address.

5.4 Price and Payment

All prices and description details on our website are accurate to the best of our knowledge. In the unlikely event if there is an error in pricing or description during the invitation to treat process, LEVANA reserves the right to demand the customer pay the price difference and the customer reserves the right to return the product if he is unable to accept the price difference.

In the event when we are unable to contact you regarding the change of pricing, we will deem the order as cancelled and will release the product for public purchase. We not obligated to fulfil your order if the price listed on the website is erroneous.

5.5 Return Policy

All returns are evaluated on a case by case basis. The company will provide the customer a replacement and pay for shipping of the replacement product if the mistake is on our part. LEVANA reserves all rights to the final say.

5.6 Refusal of Order

The company reserves the right to withdraw any products or edit any information from all LEVANA related websites without warning. In the event if LEVANA needs to refuse a customer’s order, a full refund will be given back to the customer via the same mode of payment.

6.0 Delivery

We seek your understanding that we use a 3rd party shipping company to make all deliveries. We work closely with our shipping partners to ensure that your purchase will reach your designated address as fast as possible. However, in the event of a delay, we are unable to notify you. All delivery charges and time will be indicated in the order checkout page. LEVANA shall not be liable for any delays in delivery.

6.1 Failure to Deliver

In the event when a delivery cannot be fulfilled, the company will notify you as soon as we are made known to this matter. We shall not be liable for any losses pertaining to this failure to deliver but we will give the customer a full refund via the same mode of payment.